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Transparency (ITZ)
In accordance with the guidelines of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (initiative for transparent civil society) from Transparency International Germany we commit voluntarly to guarantee public access to all informations regarding our organizational work.

1. Name, Headquarters, Address, and Inauguration

a) Name: Soulfood Namibia

b) Address: Postfach 3111, 91019 Erlangen

c) Headquarters: Erlangen

d) Inaugural meeting on September 15, 2012 in Erlangen


2. Statutes and declaration of conception

Our statutes and a declaration of our conceptions can be found on our webseite.

3. Information about tax relief

According to the assessment of the tax office in Erlangen from April 27, 2021, Soulfood Namibia e.V. is accredited as a charitable non-profit association (tax number: 216/110/81038).

4. Names and capacities of principle decision-makers

The organizational work of Soulfood Namibia is 100 % voluntarly. The organization chart including names und portraits is displayed in a separate section.

5. Activity report

In the following links you find complete activity reports about the past years (in German only, we gladly answer questions in english)

Activity report 2022

Activity report 2021
Activity report 2020
Activity report 2019
Activity report 2018
Activity report 2017
Activity report 2016
Activity report 2015
Activity report 2014
Activity report 2013

6. Staff structure

All organizational work occurs on a voluntary basis. Decisions rearding the organization are made democratically among the members. Advising, planning, and applications for our projects are accomplished mainly by our board members. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and can be part of our actitivies.

7/8. Source and use of funds

The financial means of Soulfood Namibia are entirely raised by donations and membership contributions. In the future we aim to augment our means by public grants for development cooperation. In the following liks you find a detailed summary of our turnovers in the past years.

Funds turnover 2022

Funds turnover 2021
Funds turnover 2020
Funds turnover 2019
Funds turnover 2018
Funds turnover 2017
Funds turnover 2016
Funds turnover 2015
Funds turnover 2014
Funds turnover 2013

9. Social associations

Soulfood Namibia was founded on the initiative of our Nambian partner association "Mwakotoka Health Project". All supported projects are lead by our partner association in terms of planning and accomplishment and are financially supported by Soulfood Namibia. This type of cooperation is part of our self-conception and is understood as a principle in "development cooperation", as only, thereby, we can guarantee sustainable success of our projects.

10. Names of legal and private persons contributing more than 10 % of the overall budget. 

In the past years between 2013 and 2022, Soulfood Namibia has not received individual donations accounting for more than 10 % of the overall budget.