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Soulfood Namibia

SN_groupSoulfood Namibia is an association for the support of developmental projects in Oluundje in the Okankolo Constituence in Namibia. The idea for it’s creation came to be through the contact of our founding members Simon and Volker with their friend Joseph Shitaleni from Namibia. He approached them with his ideas for the development of his community, and asked them for help in their realization. The first goal is building a community center.

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Our principles:

The driving force behind this project is the motivation of the people in Oluundje. However, they lack the financial means. The goal of our association is the acquisition of these means through public funds of the german goverment and the european union, as well as through private donations.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Mwakotoka Health Project

    Rev. Josef  Shitaleni
    Mr Hofeni Shayuka

    Mr Isak Hamatwi
    Mrs Perpetua Sheyavali

    Mr Martin Shigwedha
    Ms Christine David

Project Planner
    Dr Andreas Niikondo
    Mr Fredrik H. Nakanwe

Project Advisor
    Mrs Josefina P. Iipinge-Shitaleni
    Mr Hansa Nembodi
    Rev. Willem Hainane

Community Mobiliser
    Mrs Wilhemina Haipy
    Mr Tomas Sheyavali

The Oluundje Community in May 2014