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Our Project

Together with our local partner association, we are planning, financing and building a fresh water supply, an elementary school and a health center in Oluundje.


The Oluundje community is located in the Ovamboland in the northern part of Namibia. It was founded several Generations ago by the farmer „Mwakotoka“.

projectTo this day, there are no public buildings, except for a small shelter in the village center. There is also no connection to clean drinking water or electricity in the entire area. The children need to walk 10 km to visit elementary school. The next health post is 30 km away, the closest hospital 120 km. This is an unbearable situation for pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses such as tuberculosis.

In 2011, a group of people from Oluundje joined forces with the aim of creating a central, public building to meet these elementary needs. From this initiative, the "Mwakotoka Health Project" was founded. Together with this association, we are developing concepts towards the realization of this goal. As a core principal, we want to incorporate all members of the community according to their needs and skills.

The first step will be connectprojecting Oluundje to a fresh water pipeline, which is 4.7 km away.

In the medium term, a community center will be built in the village center. This center will initially house an elementary school. In a further step, a health post will also be incorporated. We have already conducted successful negotiations with the health and education ministries in Namibia. The long term goal is that the health post and school are transfered to the responsibility of the ministries. 


Our Principles

The term "development aid" is increasingly being substituted by the term "development cooperation". We don't want to waste time on semantics, but we are convinced that the spirit of cooperation is essential for a successful project. This means that the motivation and ideas for all projects come from Oluundje. We want to contribute to their realization with all means at our disposal.

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Trajectory of the planned water pipeline