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A deep hole became a well
10. October 2023

The well excavations have finally been successfully completed! After what felt like an eternity of digging, then bricking and then very laboriously digging further into the rock, the workers came across sustainably moist rock at a depth of around 18m in mid-August... But what was supposed to be a well initially remained forever deepening, perfectly lined square hole in the earth in Eexumba..
Finally, on September 6th, after more than 3 months of extremely hard work, the redeeming news came: “We found water!! The over 22m deep hole became a well!


Inauguration of the school building on September 30, 2023
08. October 2023

Last Saturday, on September 30th, we had the honor of visiting the inauguration ceremony of the new primary school building in Oluundje, formerly known as the "village between schools".

A new era begins for the entire community with around 2000 people and especially the children who have now access to a school.

More than just a place to fill children with information, this school, like any other, is a platform to foster the children's curiosity which is the seed for personal and communal development.

This is an achievement of the community. Greatest respect for how they organized themselves.

All the members of Soulfood Namibia and the donors to this project can be very proud! 



5. August 2023

The grand opening ceremony of the school building will take place in Oluundje on September 30th. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, local politicians and a delegation from Soulfood Namibia are invited.


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4. November 2023
Annual General Meeting

27. May 2023

Summer party and 10th anniversary
in Franconian Switzerland


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