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A teacher and a class on a community service trip
01. February 2024

Where else in the German school system do you think something like this is possible? You may hear  something like this in stories from the past or in films.

Instead of a classic graduation trip, a teacher and his 12th class from FWS am Prenzlauer Berg travel to Namibia for four weeks to help build a regenerative fruit and vegetable garden - to make a difference for others in a development project.

Very few people make such an experience in their lives. Here Erasmus Spitta enables an entire school class to have a life-changing experience. Or better said: the young people make this possible for themselves. Because the initiative for this idea came from the class. They wanted to get involved, do something special and help people help themselves after Erasmus talked about his experiences there. The Berliner lived and worked in Namibia for a long time.

The teacher and his class have been planning the four-week trip - which begins on February 3rd - for more than a year. This includes organizing vehicles, food, accommodation and insurance for 24 people - in a country where everything works differently than in Germany. While the teacher took care of the planning, the young people took part in mini-jobs to finance their part of the trip.

The young people learned to create a project plan and advertise the project on the Internet and with their circle of friends and acquaintances. They thus generated a donation volume of over 9,000 euros. The ancient art of cultivating regenerative fruit and vegetable gardens adapted to these climatic extremes should be promoted and revived. Together with Epafras and Memory Haihambo - the hosts and project managers on site - the 20 young people from Berlin will carry out construction work and experience the country during their stay.

This admirable initiative is particularly noteworthy in times when young people are all too often denied the desire to work. The experiences that young people take with them into their lives after such a trip will change their view of the world and themselves. And what could be better than sharing such experiences with friends.

Very few people would expect that something like this would be possible in the German school system. The project and the students' commitment could be an inspiration for many.


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